Tai Chi Workshop – Sunday 26th March, Deloraine

Free Introductory Lesson & Information Workshop – presented by Gai Wanless.

This Tai Chi & Qigong Workshop is generously funded by the Tasmanian Government through the 2022 State Sports Grant Program, and with contributions from Kung Fu Wushu Tasmania. It’s aim is to help people from 8-80 years of age understand the many health benefits to be gained by practising Tai Chi & Qigong.

Participants will be taught Ba Duan Jin Qigong (8 Pieces of Brocade), 8 separate exercises, each focusing on different areas of the body & meridian systems. Practising this set may help to improve muscle strength, breathing, circulation, relaxation & mindfulness. It is often said to help to delay the aging process, strengthen the immune system & improve mental health. These 8 Treasures are beneficial for anyone interested in active, healthy living.

The Workshop will also include warm up exercises, Tai Chi movements & self-massage techniques.

Suitable for all levels of fitness & no prior experience is necessary.

Wear loose, comfy clothing & flat shoes.

Afternoon tea will be served.

All instructors have completed Covid Safe Certification. Please do not attend if you are unwell.

Venue: Western Tiers Community Club. 33A Parsonage St, Deloraine.

Contact Gai via the contact page or Judy on 0409477828 to book your place or for more information or download the flyer here: FLYER

8th World Junior Wushu Championships 2022

On the June 5th Meeting of the KWA National Executive approval was given to
commit an official Australian Team to the  2022 World Junior Wushu Championships to be held from 2-1 December at Tangerang Banten Indonesia.

Preliminary registration for the event is 2 Sept 2022,  Final registration is 2 Nov 2022. The event allows for the following participants:

Taolu maximun 20 members
1 Taolu team leader
2 Taolu coaches
1 Taolu Team doctor
12 athletes
4 observers

Sanda max 19 members
1 Sanda team Leader
2 Sanda coaches
1 Sanda team doctor
11 athletes
4 observers

The event is significant as it is the first ’post covid’ international event.

A committee to manage the team selection will be in place shortly but what I need asap is any an indication member who wishes to attend and in what capacity and what athletes
are provisionally nominated from our member schools.

Some nominations have already been received but for any remaining nominations a close off date for the provisional nominations has been set at COB 11 July 2022 after which time the official, coach and athlete composition of the team will be confirmed.

Tai Chi Association of Australia (TCAA) announces its first ‘Post Covid’ Event

The 2022 TCAA Australian Open Tai Chi Championship, will be held on Saturday 23 April 2022 in New South Wales at the Sydney University Sport & Aquatic Centre, Darlington Road, DARLINGTON, NSW 2008 <https://goo.gl/maps/AthQZ5kC5x7X4xky7. The closing date for registration is Wednesday 23rd March 2022.

Invitation is extended to all Tai Chi enthusiasts of all attainment  levels to register for the Competition or come as supporters or spectators. Let your friends know about it too, to register to perform or to come and enjoy watching.

To read more on the Competition and/or to register, follow the link to the competition page on the TCAA website:
https://www.taichiaustralia.com/competition.html from where the 2022 Regulations and Registration Forms can be downloaded

  • TaoLu (Individual) 2022 TCAA RegoForms & Rules
  • TaoLu (TEAM) 2022 TCAA RegoForms & Rules
  • Push Hands 2022 TCAA RegoForms & Rules