Codes Of Practice

During 1999 The NSW Government Department of Sport and Recreation assisted the Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA) in the development of a National Code of Practice for Martial Arts Centres And Martial Arts Instructors. This Code is strongly supported by the NSW, Queensland and South Australian Departments of Sport and Recreation.

All members of the MAIA abide by this code including those national bodies that administer the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme for their respective martial arts style.

If you are an instructor you should be aware of the Code as it brings the martial arts industry into line with the contemporary standards expected by the community. If you are a student you too should be aware of the Code as it provides a framework that can protect your rights as student and consumer.

The MAIA has also developed codes of practice for Martial Arts event organisers and martial arts retailers. Copies of all codes may be downloaded from our Publications and Forms page on our national website.